Thursday, 26 August 2010

Samin and Daniel 2007

Justin and Daniel 2007. Now, my friend Justin is not here anymore. He was a very good friend of mine that left us last year October.
What Justin did may seem a very selfish thing to others and I agree to some extent.
I do not know. I do miss him a hell of a fucking a lot.
I think of him everyday.
While I went through the military service I thought about him a lot and looked forward to coming back to NZ to tell him all about it.
I didn't know how to feel when I found out he had gone.
But I still try my hardest to communicate with Justin through my art and music.
I talk about the military experience I had in Korea and how I felt or what I saw etc.
My two bands I am in at the moment are with Daniel and other friends.
We all improvise in trying to get the energy across to people and I know Justin would've loved it.
He was a very talented artist and a dear friend. R.I.P Justin Hugh Williams.

Grandfather and Samin.
My grandad is also one of the few people that definitely influenced me through my art and music.
He's just turned 87 this year and a top grandad/person.
He plays the violin and has been playing since the age of 16.
He's a true artist. He writes poems and writes his diary everyday.
This image is a moment of me and him jamming.
I'm singing this Korean song that I always play with him.
The song is about a traveller going away from hometown,
seeing new things and appreciating what he had by looking at the reflection of the moon on the lake.
(Taken when I had a few days off from the military service at my house in Seoul Korea).

Uncle, Samin and grandfather.
This is a polaroid image of us three on the day of me going into the army.
The location is just outside the South Korean army boot camp.
I do not look pleased.
However I am glad I have been through it to tell a story
and also because it made me think a lot of things that I would never have thought of.
17th December 2007

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