Thursday, 9 September 2010

Does a beer can become a lucky strike when you wrap around the whole can with lucky strike packaging? Is it still a beer can? Or is it anything? Is it everything? 

Can anything become anything when you put a meaning towards it. As I was saying before fart can even be art. But in what sense? Is my room in a neo baroque state? or is it a baroque room? 

Is anything in this world including a thought inside my mind art? 

From that moment I call it art maybe it does become it. What is "it"? 

What does every single word mean in this text? 

Does every single definition in a dictionary a fact? 

What is a fact?? Or is it all bullshit? I don't know. 

At the same time I know. 

Something that is true to me could easily not be true to you. 

When I say the word 'you', it even includes me in a sense. 

Am I rambling? I probably am. Get on with it. Yes.

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