Monday, 4 October 2010

David Michalek and his subject

Slow Dance

YouTube description:
They appear to be still photographs: luminous shots of dancers in mid movement, projected on three outdoor screens, each several storeys high. Alone, the unexpectedness and monumental scale of these images would compel the eye. But keep looking, and suddenly you become aware of their breathtaking extra dimension. Hovering at the limits of human perception is the haunting beauty of a stillness that moves.

To achieve these unique studies of the human body in ultra-slow motion, artist David Michalek used a special high-definition camera running at 1,000 frames a second. Shot at such speed, a five-second gesture expands to fill 10 minutes of screen time, opening our eyes to a strange world of almost suspended animation.

Michalek's subjects, richly diverse in age, ethnicity and dance form, are acclaimed dancers and choreographers from around the world: artists who work in styles and traditions ranging from Japanese court dance to Afro-Brazilian capoeira, from flamenco to hip-hop, from classical ballet to hoop dancing.

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