Friday, 14 January 2011

learning from myself

because I am you and you are me
I am you are me

Friday, 7 January 2011


from Your friend Samin Son 

Monday, 3 January 2011

two monitors


until the day.

photo by Eunsun Jung

내 첫 솔로 전시회
open 2010 11 11 

Samin and Justin 2007

해 맑다

One Sunday Night going up to MUNTfm in 2007

라디오 쇼 하러 가는 길

Tao and Samin 2007

early 2007

painting a self portrait
in a Massey toilet
(because that was the only place where it had a huge mirror)

hey J

how r u

dear Justin

r.i.p J
in Deno's car (front seat)
that night u had to climb in through ur window because the door was locked and u had no keys ( u told me after)

after leaving(joined) party I had with Smiley (because I was leaving to go to the army and Smiley was leaving to China) at the boot arcade

2005 high school

painting port folio
7th form
self portraits


self portraits

about a week before

 I joined the army

drawing of my grandad 2008

grandad hello
goodmorning grandad
you're only always young at heart

2007 installation

this was a piece which lead to be interracted with the audience in the room in 2007.
two small glass windows on one wall.

왼쪽 뚤린 창문엔 감시카메라가 비추고 있고 유리엔 나의 나체 사진을 붙여 놓았다
오른쪽 네모엔 space(공간) 안에서 사람들이 화면을 볼수 있도록 설치 되어있었고
방 안에 있었던 사람들은 자신들의 모습을 내 몸을 옆에 둔 채로 볼수있었던 것이다
왠지 어쩔수 없는 상황을 만들어 내고 싶었다

there are

my washings hanging in the lounge

i am naive

the definition of the word naive
aint the same as what u think it is
therefore i am NOT naive
but i am
in my own BIG WORLD
 above: photo document of my installation in 2006 of every cigarette butt I smoked for an entire month.
I did a performance piece with the sculpture by going inside the glass cabinet and having another one.

maybe a time to do a piece for a whole year         .

2009 11 11

on the day of my military release
2009 11 11
11 11 is also an armistice date of WWI
let there be no war
no war
now ar
nowa r
n ow ar
n owa r
n o wa r
n o w ar
there were WWI

2007 photo

talking about friends at art school
while I was away for 2years in Korea
to attend the compulsory military service

developed film camera photo and a writing with ink pen after

some face of some ad on the back page of some magazine

Army Drawing
18th September 2009

Sketch I did in 2009

July 2009
I was in the Korean army at the time
Sketch of Egon Schiele's portrait

2007 September VALVE bar Wellington

Blair Clarke
Daniel Boobyer
Al Green
Samin Son

Pope.L William

인종차별을 상대로 작업하는 멋진 작가