Thursday, 10 March 2011

One of the things that was parallel to the ideas I had

Even though this artist is approaching the act of "moving an object around in a space" in a different sense to how I want to approach it. This still projected an image of how I want to maybe create a performance/ installation piece where I will move around certain objects in a set space as an act of performance and possibly the traces of the act becoming an installation piece.

I still think it is very interesting how Francis Alys worked with an object which in a way wasn't an object anymore once the piece was done.
It seemed to me that because the ice dissolved into water at the same time into the air it could seem meaningless but actually a very important point because often we do not realize, take notice or accept things which we cannot see with our eyes.

It made me re-think about the idea/work I talked about in 2006, where I believe that no matter what we do and even if there aren't any traces of those acts left anymore it is still history and we cannot change the fact of any act actually happening.
We cannot deny anything.
We should deny NOTHING.

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