Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Captain Chefson

It was Captain Chefson's first day of his journey.

He had announced that all the workers were invited for supper on their first night on the ship.

He had cooked this amazing dish, kimchi soup. 
Since he had been brought up in Korea until his early teenage years, it had triggered him to find out the taste that he could never forget.

The taste of kimchi soup, which his mother used to always cook for him on a freezing night in Korean winter.

All the workers had gathered around to have this tasty dish.

Captain Chefson had dished up a bowl for every single one of them.
He watched them eat and smile.

The cloud of hot air came out of the huge pot and out of their mouths as the soup filled their hearts and bodies.

"This is the moment that I will never forget" said Captain Chefson.

Thinking of his mother's hearty dish which was a symbol for the love of home and warmth, now he could share it by giving his workers the love through Kimchi soup.

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