Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fuck = Art

I never made my work out of bullshit yet. but someone else already did.
It was definitely good to look at.
Fuck these words that have meanings.
Those implying certainly different meanings at certain times.

Fuck meaning.

Fuck fixed meanings.

Fucksed up bro

Fuxed up man


Why do you have meanings, like certainly made up certain meanings stuck to these things called words?

Fuck that.

What do you mean?
I shall name everything great and start calling everything and everyone great.

Since everything is art eh.

My art will just be called great.

So will your art?

OH FUCK I could ACTUALLY just start calling everything NOT art.

That COULD be an option ALSO.

An option could be that also.

An be option also could that.

You like ____________ing.

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