Thursday, 18 August 2011


I have submitted two photography works in.
These are those:

Name: Doors 2011
Description: digital photograph. standard printing. stills from the performance "Hammer Piece" tiled together to make one image of many doors. See the video documentation of the "Hammer Piece" here:
Dimensions 56.44cm x 42.09cm

Name: Singing a song for a dead friend(artist's bed room) 2010
Description: digital photograph // standard printing// Tribute to a close friend at art school that committed a suicide in 2009. While away in Korea serving in the compulsory military service at the time, my very close friend past away. R.I.P Justin Hugh Williams Still from a video documentation of a performance piece "Singing a song for a dead friend" 2010. Samin Son
Dimensions 50.00cm x 31.25cm

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