Tuesday, 27 September 2011

When Duchamp exhibited the urinal into the gallery space, he was challenging the notion of a traditional art practice and the framework of the dominant notion of a gallery. I think it was also Duchamp that was asked to curate an art show one time and he decided to have wires going across the room to make it harder for the audience to see the works or get close to them. Ready-mades. Great awakening. I am you and you are I. You are who I am and I am who you are. You will read this and you will regret this; at least it is what you will think. However you will actually thank me afterwards. What is up with languages? Languages seem to have too many structures around them. It is a form of communication where it is the most mainstream medium. Words. Vocabularies. Language creates barriers. They do not create barriers. Yes they do. No they do not. Yes they really do. People get tricked into thinking that language is a form where it helps people to understand each other, however it actually complicates things a lot more than it really is. People should be able to communicate with each other without speaking to each other, writing to each other even with sign languages also. People should be able to feel each other and get each others’ vibes. This idea may be too radical for some, however it is certainly worth it to think about it. My argument is not to really abandon the idea of language, however to break down its ideas that it contains. Even in this sentence I wrote “it” but the word it contains so many things in it that it’s almost a code, if language was used in a alternative sense to the point that people really used it to communicate with each other as precisely as they wanted others to understand themselves, yes it may get close to what they are saying, however it is still far off. This is not to say that we should be working on forever or until which point in time or what, however it is it. That is what it is. Abbreviated words. When I touched the Duchamp’s bicycle wheel in the MOMA in New York in 2010, it did not feel special. What am I saying here? People expect me to say that it felt special, however that is not what Duchamp wanted, well how do we actually know that it was what Duchamp wanted? Because all these books and quotes tell us so? So? SO? Nobody knows. Nobody ever knows. Even if Duchamp had a certain type of concept going through out his art practices, we still do not know what he was really thinking. We do not actually know that Duchamp might have been thinking about something completely different. For instance he would have also maybe disagreed with some of the ideas he put out there. We learn a language or multiple languages. Not only talking about being a bi-lingual to tri-lingual, etc. but I am pointing out that there are many different codes (also languages) that are created around what we would normally call languages. We also learn from these languages by using a language or languages. Is there a point in you reading what I am writing? I am going to say yes because I believe so. You may or may not agree with these ideas, however even if you believe what I am saying or believe that I am meaning what I am saying, still, at the end of the day we do not know whether I am meaning these things or not.

We then come back to the point where which thing actually matters. It matters. What matters to you? Does it matter you, worry you bother you or/and excite you?

Samin Son 2011

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  1. This stuff - "it's fucked up!" exclamation Excellent.