Friday, 4 November 2011

Samin Son, Hammer Piece

Samin Son is a Korean-born, Wellington-based artist who is currently studying for his BFA at Massey University. Son’s practice is multifaced, binding painting, sculpture and installation through performative strategies of dance, music and presence. 

In Hammer Piece Samin recodes the body based interests of 60s and 70s performance artists in a rehearsed paroxysm that is contemporary in its brevity and instantaneity.

For Hammer-Piece Son employs an everyday hammer as a brush in a negative painting where the surface of the canvas is pulled away, punched, beaten and driven inverse in a few short, thrilling moments. The artist’s endurance and meticulously directed aggression reference his experience of compulsory military service in the Korean army as well as his personal struggles with identity and race politics in his second home.

With each re-presentation Hammer Piece takes on new qualities, responding to its site. At The Russian Frost Farmers in Wellington the work was cramped, crowded and explosive in a narrow service alleyway covered in graffiti. In the experimental space of None Gallery the piece is set to change again.

By Henry Davidson 2011

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