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Samin Son Performance Exhibition by James Bellaney

Samin Son performance exhibition Friday 30th September 2011, at None Gallery Dunedin New Zealand

By James Bellaney

Ephemeral performances of destruction and ambient noise to me reflects the happenings of the 1960s and the 70's connecting Samin's happenings with anti art with his installations of ready-made found objects of  boards and bricks set for deconstruction by a hammer and a cage which Samin interacted with in and above its structure.

Samin's performance with his co partner and present co band member Max Trevor adopted the ready made objects of 2011 with its amps and objects spread through out the gallery. Smashing objects as he used the vocal mic to add other sound affects that reminded me of a suffering individual could look like anti art. Anti art or not, the ephemeral Art Work, was to me, not critiquing art but looking at it in another way. Samin was painting an ultra ephemeral picture which beautifully done also reflected the human frailty similar to German expressionist painting The Scream by Edward Munch, but acting it out as if it was action painting, painting a picture where gallery was canvas.

The space was filled with found objects ready for destruction while the other artist was controlling the ambient noise played through effects pedals and amplifiers, Samin walked around with a mic, and at one stage with the mic taped to his face. Screaming and shouting subtle lyric phrases like “ talk to me” the sound was fragile and impulsive, assisting in what to me, seemed like painting a picture of human agony of the human condition in amongst our modern scene.

The artist based in Wellington reflects the impact on the psychosis of human inhabitants with the urban structures of our day to day lives, the inner turmoil that is kept suppressed in our so called civilised environment.

At first glance the performance could be seen as vulgar, violent or too aggressive by the screaming and shouting and smashing. As the role of art is self reflection, crossed with the duration of the performance then I feel Samin Son's ephemeral Art piece worked well in representing cracks in the human structure within a society. Smashing the boards and bricks with his hammer I found quite delicate, showing that we as people are delicate creatures, we are able to crack and act aggressively or violently from the strain of the responsibilities of adult hood, or the built up strain of a hectic week only to fall under the impulsive urge to take it out  on someone  or something else at the end of tolerance. The silent aggression brewing in everyday life for every individual, kept hidden from society by the walls of the gallery. The show was in fact very delicate, the picture that I got was one that made me sympathetic towards the subject acting out in anger, I could understand his pain or frustration at life.

As aggressive as this art was, it has the ability to reflect the fragility of humanity with its sounds of melancholy and acts of  destruction and self destruction.

Samin was born in Korea and went to the South Korean Army as a teenager, I cant quote the details of his exact words but he told me so and of noticing the change in his peers around him, from calm to breaking point, Samin displayed an ephemeral painting semi abstract in its voice but similar to German expressionist in its presentation how ever brief of the delicate the conscience can be.
Samin also left the debris of the performance open for the duration of a week while he spent his time in Dunedin.

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