Saturday, 4 February 2012


What do we wanna translate everything into?
Are we talking about language?
What language do we actually speak?
Everyone speaks one's own language.
We assume and we believe. We are convinced that we know which language we speak in.
It is not. It is so. The language we use to communicate with each other and mind.
Somatics? You and I being far away and the each of us feeling as thought our minds and bodies ain't connected so well at times but my body being in tune with your mind and vice versa?
I wanna dig into this a bit more. As time passes I will have figured out and at the same time gotten more lost about this idea, which I hope to do in the future.
Let's get lost in this together my friend.
Hey I'm going to publish these things if you don't mind?
I won't do it until you agree as well.

I speak with my mind all the time and so do you.
You do to do you too do to do yes.

We speak with everything and nothing. I am nothing. This means I am everything.
You are everything. You are nothing. We are nothing. No thing. No such thing.
Being not a thing we aren't somebodies we maybe some souls?
Where do we live?
We are special. Yes we bloody are. No we are not. Yes we are.
Definitely fun. I can do whatever I wanna do because I am thinking about things.
I don't care which is true. Nothing and everything is true.

Life = us thinking doing speaking breathing sleeping eating not doing anything doing doing the doings and doing the not doings.
Making = we make even if we don't want to. We all draw. We draw all the time. We do.
Who are we? You and I and everybody we know and we don't know. The ones that are yet to be born and the ones that have died. Like everybody. We do.
When we don't do, that is also a doing.

Love = accepting
Life making = what we are doing right at this moment. what we are not doing right at this moment.
BUT it is only up to you and up to myself and up to individuals. It is only up to us to make it into a fun thing. What makes us feel good.

What makes us happy.
What translates our love for someones and somethings.

Will carry on again soon.

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