Friday, 30 March 2012

New Performance Work by Samin Son

Continuing the life exploration of a South Korean Soldier, this work will take a subversive look at the daily routine and rituals of an artist who was required to do two years worth of service for South Korea. There is a saying in Korean "If you can't avoid it, you might as well ride it". I had to channel my non-conformist personality through the conventions by over-enthusiasm for the mundane pushing a threshold of the limits of conformity. During the army I trained for the riot police, had fasces thrown at me, and entered real life riot situations. To toughen me up for the experience, my senior officers would beat me. I had to clean the bathroom floor everyday using toothpaste. These moments were my only opportunities, stolen as they were, to indulge in artistic expression. For a time, illicit toothpaste self-portraits were my only medium, often scrawled on a mirror. For my performance I will be creating a live action taking an artistic and subversive license to the army conventions. I say once a soldier always a soldier and when the time comes to do the performance I will be ready to report to duty.

Proposal for a Performance Art Week

Happening at Enjoy Public Art Gallery in April 2012

Photos from White Fungus Issue 12 Launch Event in Wellington March 2012

The Russian Frost Farmers Gallery

To watch the video of the performance at The Russian Frost Farmers:

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