Friday, 30 March 2012

EYELASH & HAMMER: Yuri Zupancic & Samin Son Exhibition

in conjunction with SPRUNG @ Lost Art Space 
Lawrence Kansas USA

"Lost Art Space" is an Artist run gallery space in Lawrence Kansas USA.

Yuri Zupancic's Microchip Oil Paintings and Samin Son's Hammer Pieces will be exhibited in line with each other, one by one taking turns on a straight line. Although the two artists are based in different countries the collaboration has continued. Yuri Zupancic has performed a magnificent job in curating the work. Zupancic's delicate and minute oil paintings, fragility will play a great contrast to Son's roughly broken pieces of wood from his work, 'Hammer Piece' ; by having two complete different styles of work in a line accompany each other. The video documentaion of Hammer Piece with bldbcu(Exhibition CHAAT-DA by CHAAT-GI @ Snake Pit Gallery Auckland 24th Jan-7th Feb 2012) will also be exhibited in "Lost Art Space" Kansas.
Opening night of the exhibition: Friday 30th March 2012(Kansas time).

bldbcu is a solo project by "Max Trevor Thomas Edmond" based in Wellington.
samin son has been collaborating with "Thomas Edmond" since the start of 2010, where they have created the band "RESEARCH" in the first week of meeting each other and have been involved in many different projects as collaborators.

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