Friday, 16 March 2012

White Fungus Wellington Release Event

White Fungus Wellington Release Event
 @ The Russian Frost Farmers Gallery (2 EVA ST)

O u r  L o v e  W i l l  D e s t r o y  T h e  W o r l d (C a m p b e l l  K n e a l e )
A n t o n y  M i l t o n
S a m i n  S o n
C H A A T - G I ( S a m i n  S o n & M a x  T r e v o r  T h o m a s  E d m o n d )
M a i d e n  H e a v y (S h a n n o n  R e e d )

Art magazine White Fungus is about to hold its first event in Wellington in more than three years at Russian Frost Farmers on Saturday, March 23, 7pm.

The event will celebrate the release of the twelfth issue of White Fungus and feature performances by Our Love Will Destroy the World (Campbell Kneale), Antony Milton, Samin Son, CHAAT-GI and Maiden Heavy.

White Fungus began in Wellington in 2004 and held more than a dozen events in the city before relocating to Taiwan at the beginning of 2002. White Fungus editor Ron Hanson says he’s excited to be returning to the magazine’s roots. “White Fungus is spreading around the world but Wellington is where we began and where we first built our momentum. We can’t wait to channel some of the energy that’s been accumulating with the project back into the place where it started.”

White Fungus is currently part of the exhibition Millennium Magazines at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The magazine will  participate in the fair Publish And Be Damned at the ICA in London on March 17.
Garbage Incinerator and Revolving Restaurant, Taipei, 2011
Mark Hanson

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