Monday, 2 April 2012

Workshop in Performance Art and Movement Integration/Wellington by Alexa Wilson

Following on from the Auckland workshop the week before:

2 day workshop $80 in Wellington following my performance of weg: a-way at Enjoy Gallery 6pm 17th April

12.30-5pm April 19th
12.30-8pm April 20th

Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba Street

Please register at

Workshop by Alexa Wilson: Integration of performance art, theatrics and somatic movement practices

Would you like new skills which broaden, deepen, clarify and diversify your movement, theatrical, performance and choreographic practice from a practical as well as conceptual place?

Do you want to liberate your physical and performative capabilities and try LOTS of new things ...

Do you want to have fun and experience a range of techniques, questions and practices which push you and challenge you outside your current contemporary dance understanding to find new ways of thinking and expressing your self through dance and performance in NZ?

Do you want a safe and encouraging space in which to explore your own performance creativity and be valued as an individual within a community/group and outside an institution?

Then Hi!

This workshop provides a range of skills, experiences, tasks, investigations, questions, challenges and ideas which come from my 13 years of experience exploring performance creativity beyond its current confines to discover new voices and styles within this medium we call contemporary dance and open it out into a wider range of performance options.

I call it integration of art and life; exploring and questioning, discussing and understanding your body's possibilities and politicising your spiritual experience. Its time to play!

The overall aim is for you to connect with your own body, creative voice and interests through a range of tasks, techniques and improvisations to give you greater freedom and options within your performance life and inside a class which values you as a unique artist. This is an organic and investigative process, working with the culture of the room.

Its is also likely to be the beginning of an on going weekly evening class to create a new culture for performance in Auckland in which organic discussions and practices have an outlet and support within a performance, art, choreographic and theatrical context.

What will happen:


Focus on a new embodiment; somatic, improvisational principles to generate new and authentic movement from a deeper place for choreography, performance and dance versatility. Exercises come from a range of sources, made up and explored by myself and also stemming from releasing, improv, shamanic and other principles plus work with Benoit Lachambre and Keith Hennessey in Europe.


Integration of theatrical and performance art principles into choreographic and movement structures to find new forms of individual expression and conceptualisation.This comes from a range my own choreographic practices and will consist of solo and group work, discussion and improvisation. It will be challenging and fun! It is also refined by work done with Davis Freeman from Forced Entertainment in Europe.

Biography: Alexa Wilson has created choreographies, experimental videos and written on performance for over a decade, having done a BA double major at Auckland University and trained at Unitec's School of Performing and Screen Arts in contemporary dance. She has danced for choreographers Douglas Wright, Malia Johnston, Lisa Densem (Berlin based) and Anna Bate among others and has won awards for her work- most recently for a solo work Weg: A-Way – 4 Auckland Fringe Festival 2011 Awards including the Auckland Arts Festival Award. Her work Magic Box received 'Best Work by Emerging Contemporary Choreographer' in 2004 NZ Listener and Toxic White Elephant Shock received the Cnz Tup Lang Award 09. She has presented over 20 choreographies in NZ, Australia and Europe which have broken new ground for NZ dance by integrating performance art with somatic and experimental interdisciplinary practice. All her work is interdisciplinary and influenced by somatic investigation whilst working with theatre, performance art, film, comedy and morphs a variety of movement and improvisation styles. She has taught at Unitec's School of Performing Arts for 3 years and MIT for 8 years and created commissioned works on students at Unitec, Rifleman Productions as well as Touch Compass mixed ability dance company. She has a Masters degree in Film production and won a Goethe Institute scholarship to live in Berlin, where she lived for nearly 2 years making performance and video work. She did a residency as a dancer with Anna Macrae at the Viennese contemporary dance festival Impuls Tanz in 2009 and a year ago returned to NZ. She also won a gold medal in the North Island Champs for Tae kwon Do in 1997! She has been accepted to study post-graduate fine arts in performance at New York Transart Institute this year.

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