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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Equinox Sunset 2 Sunrise - Artspace Auckland New Zealand - Curated by Ivan Mršić

Paul Buckton • Phil Dadson • CocoDavis • Phill Dryson • Cushla Donaldson • Rohan Evans • Yolanda Fagan • Guy Forks • James Percy • Darryn Harkness • Darren Hanna • Droszkhi • Karin Hofko • Ben Holmes • David Hornblow • Ian-John Hutchinson • Erena Johnson • Hermione Johnson • Rosie Langabeer Kristian Larsen • Kelly Malone • Ivan Mršić • Dawn Marble • Andrew McMillan Chloe Oliver • Immi Paterson • John Radford • ¡recuerde! • The Echo Ohs • The Intercontinentals • Tom Rodwell • Joshua Rutter • Balamohan Shingade • Samin Son • Caitlin Smith • Torben Tilly • Spacecake • Colin Woods • Tom Cadillac
Equinox: when daylight and darkness are equal.
Curated by Ivan Mršić

The spring equinox has been celebrated in many cultures for millennia – it marks the transition to a new season of fertility and growth. This year, a group of artist, performers, musicians, poets – many of them K’rd scene regulars - are celebrating this special day with a performance event.

Occupying the hours between sunset and sunrise, Equinox will bring together sound, music, dance, and performance art. Twenty-four sets are scheduled over twelve hours, with spoken word punctuating the gaps between. The night promises variety and experimentation; a transgression of styles, a blurring of boundaries and a mashing of genres; a mixture of improvised, choreographed, and scripted performances; collective works and individual offerings. Come for an hour or stay the duration.

6:15pm – 6:18am
Artspace, Level 1, 300 K’rd.
FB event page
SAT/SUN line up. Times and order may well change...

18 30: Storehouse (Tom Rodwell + Phill Dryson)
19 00: Hermione Johnson, Erena Johnson, Rosie Langabeer, Chloe Oliver
19 30: Paul Buckton Darren Hanna, Chloe Oliver, Samin Son, Andrew McMillan, Ian- John Hutchinson
20 00: Paul Buckton, Darren Hanna,Hermione Johnson, Andrew McMillan

20 30: Phill Dryson
21 00: The Intercontinentals, (Samin Son ,Rosie Langabeer, Ivan Mršić)
21 30: John Radford, Karin Hofko
22 00: Ben Holmes
22 30: Darryn Harkness, Immi Paterson
23 00: Droszkhy, (Torben Tilly)
23 30: Phil Dadson
00 00: Balamohan Shingade-Midnight Raga
00 30: Recuerde-Rohan Evans
1 00: Tom Rodwell, Coco and Rohan Evans
1 30: Dawn Marble (Ashlin Raymond)
2 00: The Bristol Project, (Kristian Larsen, Joshua Rutter) 
3 00: Spacecake
3 30: The Echo Ohs, (Yolanda Fagan, Guy Forks and James Percy)
4 00: Darryn Harkness
4 30: Tom Caddilac, Colin Woods
5 00: God Defend NZ/Equinox Big Band
6 18: Equinox Ends.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Samin Son TV being Presented in Belgrade Triennial of Extended Media + 2nd Screening Event - Belgrade Serbia

Samin Son TV has just been presented as part of Belgrade Triennial of Extended Media in Serbia and will be screened again in a Video Screening Event (Prostor ULUS-ovog kluba Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric Mali Kalemegdan 1 Beograd)

Samin Son TV on
Samin Son TV on Vimeo

Samin Son TV in Belgrade Triennial of Extended Media

Samin Son TV in Belgrade Triennial of Extended Media

Samin Son TV 2nd Screening Event in Belgrade Serbia

Edit All Nona DJ Set Pic by Ryan Bennett ~ Altmusic Presents Laurel Halo(US) in New Zealand - Wellington Show - Saturday 14th September 2013

Samin Son (Edit All Nona) ~ Ryan Bennett Photo 

Laurel Halo - Quarantine (2012) - Soundcloud

Saturday, 14 September 2013


MOUTH ERECT are ~~ MONGO CHANCERIE = meaning ~~ MONGO SKATO + MISCHANCERIE == THOMAS E RICHARDS & FERGUS NELSON MOORES SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Samin Son Performance at Development AIR Gallery - THURS 29 AUG - CONTENT MISSING - Exhibition by James R Ford and Samin Son

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

New EP by ≈~≈~ POWER NAP ~≈~≈ Eat Or Be Eaten

Weirding Module - Slow Curve

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Samin Son In Uniform by Solomon Mortimer - Collaboration between Samin Son and Solomon Mortimer

Samin Son In Uniform by Solomon Mortimer - Collaboration between Solomon Mortimer and Samin Son
assistance and participation by Zahra Killeen-Chance

Sunday, 25 August 2013


White Fungus is about to celebrate the release of its 13th issue at Puppies in Wellington on Friday September 6. New Zealand/Korean artist Samin Son has curated an explosive line-up to bring out the occasion. The night will feature performances by Power Nap, Audio Tears, Cartoon, Foxtrot, Secretaries on Standby, Tapioca Dragon, The Stumps, The All Seeing Hand and Campbell James Kneale plus DJ sets by Stevie Kaye and Edit All Nona. Entry is $15 and kicks off at 7pm sharp, the first 100 people to attend will receive a free copy of the magazine.

The new issue of White Fungus is packed with New Zealand content, including an in-depth article on the subject of bats by Tessa Laird, a 20-page comic by Tim Bollinger, and fashion spreads by Auckland artists Clara Chon and Richard Orjis. Auckland curator and writer Andrew Clifford talks to artist Brydee Rood about life in transit, and Mark Amery writes about the Wellington Media Collective. New Zealand art critic John Hurrell writes about the veteran New York artist Tony Martin, including his work in the 1960s at Howard Wise, a New York gallery connected to the New Zealand artists Len Lye and Billy Apple.

White Fungus is an arts magazine and interdisciplinary project based in Taiwan and New Zealand. 2013 has already been an eventful year for the project. The year has already seen a magazine residency in San Francisco, a motorcycle accident for the publication's editor Ron Hanson, inclusion of White Fungus in an exhibition in Russia, the holding of a smash “Noise” event in Taipei, and now a New Zealand distribution deal with Gordon & Gotch for its new 13th issue.

Hanson says that for years running the magazine the going was steady and slow, but in 2012 the publication had a breakout year. At the beginning of that year White Fungus was selected for the exhibition Millennium Magazines at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It would be the first of 17 exhibitions and fairs White Fungus was selected for in 2012, in places including the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands, Tokyo, Dublin, Prague, China and Vancouver. White Fungus was exhibited in the New Zealand pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Hanson says that White Fungus is at once global and local. “We're interested and engaged with localism,” he says, “but we conduct that engagement on a global scale. The publication began in Wellington, and even more specifically, in Te Aro, but we had just returned from four years living in Taiwan, so it began out of a kind of dialogue between and within those two locations, and that's continued. In both places we were interested in the effect of rapid urban development. We were also interested in the position of both being small countries having to hold their own in the wild currents of globalisation and the challenge to define yourself in that context.”

Recently New Zealand became the first OECD country to sign a free trade deal with Taiwan, a move that could precipitate more cultural exchanges between the two. “We've invested a lot of time in Taiwan,” Hanson says. “It's become a second home. We're really interested in bringing New Zealand artists to Taiwan and through the magazine we're laying the groundwork for future exchanges. Last year we took the Taipei sound artist Wang Fujui to New Zealand for a national tour with light installations and sound performances in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton. He really had a great time meeting people and encountering some of the artists. The next step is to bring some New Zealand artists over here.”

To request interviews, review copies of the magazine or high-resolution images, contact Abby Leggett at

A Low Hum + Edit All Nona Present ≈ FRI 2 AUG 2013

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Giles Bruce writes about Samin Son's upcoming show at SeedCo this Saturday May 18, 2013 - - Lawrence, Kansas


Performer deals with traumatic experience through art

by Giles Bruce May 16 2013

The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA - Samin Son Toothpaste Action Series #13 at White Fungus Issue 13 Launch Event #2

 Toothpaste Action Series #13

Samin Son at White Fungus Issue 13 Launch #2

The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA

Photo by Lu Yi
  Toothpaste Action Series #13

Samin Son at White Fungus Issue 13 Launch #2

The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA

Photo by Lu Yi
  Toothpaste Action Series #13

Samin Son at White Fungus Issue 13 Launch #2

The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA

Photo by
Vivy Hsieh
 Toothpaste Action Series #13

Samin Son at White Fungus Issue 13 Launch #2

The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

SAMIN SON TV Launches on CIRCUIT.ORG (Mark Williams) - Artist Film And Video Aotearoa New Zealand

SAMIN SON TV is a current Audio/Visual Solo Exhibition of Samin Son's composition of his performance documentations at The New Zealand Film Archive, Mediagallery.
April 18 - June 1 , 2013 : Curated by Jakki Galloway
The Audio/Visual Work Launches on CIRCUIT.ORG

Click on this link to watch Samin Son TV on CIRCUIT.ORG

GIVING VIDEO ART ITS DUE - Mark Amery on Dominion Post May 8 2013: Two exhibitions in Wellington show that even in the age of YouTube, video art can be powerful, exciting and relevant.

Mark Amery
Two exhibitions in Wellington show that even in the age of YouTube, video art can be powerful, exciting and relevant.

Dominion Post, New Zealand - Wednesday May 8 2013

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Aquarius Records, Valencia ST, Mission, San Francisco, CA

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh
Modified by Samin Son


Friday, 26 April 2013

THE LAB, San Francisco, CA - White Fungus Magazine Issue 13 Release Event #2 - Thursday, May 9, 2013







Thursday, May 9, 2013

8pm - $7 (includes a copy of White Fungus # 13)

White Fungus is currently the magazine in residence at Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco. To celebrate the release of its 13th issue, White Fungus is bringing the artists Wang Fujui, Samin Son and Betty Apple to San Francisco for a night of sound, video and performance art. Also performng will be the Bay Area's Scott Arford and Mason Jones. Attendees of this event will receive a free copy of the new issue.

Wang Fujui is one of the pioneers of the Taiwanese noise and digital art scenes. After studying at San Francisco Art Institute in the 1990s, Fujui returned to Taiwan and founded noise, the island's first publication and label dedicated to the new music.Wang is Head of the Trans-Sonic Lab in Center for Art and Technology of Taipei National University of the Arts, specializing in sound and interactive art. He has curated the Digital Art Festival Taipei and TranSonic Sound Art Festival. Wang returns to San Francisco after giving recent performances in Tokyo, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Scott Arford is one of the leading figures of new media arts in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has produced numerous works for sound and video including multichannel installations, live performances, CD and DVD projects, and was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2005 Prix Ars Electronica. He has released numerous solo records, and collaborated with fellow sonic artists like Randy Yau (as Infrasound) and Francisco López, as well as having run 7Hz, the Bay Area's foremost venue for extreme and experimental music until 2002.

Samin Son is a Korean-born artist, currently based in Wellington. His practice traverses different mediums - painting, installation, sound and video - with performative strategies. At the Lab, Son will be performing the 13th installment of his  Tooth Paste Action series. This intense, at times confrontational, performance draws on Son's two years of compulsory Korean Military service in which he was placed in the riot squad. Previous performances have taken place in Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul and Auckland. Son recently performed at the opening of the new contemporary art gallery  Arts Te Papa at New Zealand's national museum.

Mason Jones is a musician, artist, and writer who has been active in the independent music world for over 20 years. After a string of albums under the name Trance, that name was retired and songs and albums have begun appearing under his own name. The music has a wide range, from noisy experimental guitar work to recent psychedelic pop forays. Mason also currently does the project Numinous Eye, a free-form noisy, psychedelic rock guitar-drum duo. While running the independent label Charnel Music, Mason released over 30 albums by artists including Crash Worship, Pain Teens, Vas Deferens Organization, Angel'in Heavy Syrup, Fushitsusha, Mainliner, and others. Mason's writing has included countless interviews and record reviews for magazines and web sites including File 13, You Could Do Worse, Industrial Nation, Browbeat, and Ptolemaic Terrascope.

Betty Apple is a composer, DJ, and sound and performance artist. Apple has made an impact in Taipei with visceral noise/performance art pieces using synthesizers, field recordings and amplified vibrators. In 2013, Apple was the artist in residence at Lacking Sound Festival. In addition to her own performances, she curated a series of events exploring notions of sound in relation to femininity. Apple is at the forefront of a new wave of Taiwanese artists who are beginning to fuse their work with political activism. The anti-nuclear movement has grown exponentially in Taiwan over the past few years, in particular, since the meltdown at Fukushima, and Apple is among those who have organized events and produced music to support it. In her first-ever performance outside of Taiwan, Apple will enact her provocative noise /performance art piece “Vibrator Love”.


Samin Son 2013


Dark Purple Green Wave Enter

Samin Son 2012

Samin Son (Seoul/Wellington) San Francisco Debut

Thursday May 9 2013
Samin Son San Francisco Debut
White Fungus Issue 13 Release
Toothpaste Action Series #13
The Lab, SF,CA

Samin Son is currently on an artist residency with White Fungus Magazine at Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Photo: Lu Yi - Samin Son Performance in Tokyo, SOUP
Design: Carla Schollum