Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tokyo Arrival January 18th 2013 - Samin Son Tokyo Debut with the BOMB

Photo by Andreia Bickenbach (Tokyo Subway - Samin Son + Yousuke Fuyama)

Photos by Samin Son

1.Yousuke Fuyama

2.Yousuke Fuyama holding Samin Son's limited edition EP

3.Flyers of the two shows on January 27th +29th designed by Kayo Satoh

Ruby Room Show - Smile 40 - January 19th - Shibuya, Tokyo
Samin Son Tokyo Debut

Monday, 7 January 2013

Another Tokyo Show!! @ Super Deluxue Jan 29th(Tue) 2013

poster design Kayo Satoh

SAMIN SON's Show coming up at SOUP, Tokyo, Japan with artists such as Wang Fujui (Taiwan) + Fuyama Yousuke (sludge-tapes)


Performances by International Artists,

Fujui Wang (Taiwan)

Samin Son (New Zealand, Korea) a.k.a Edit All Nona

Yousuke Fuyama (sludge-tapes)



2013, 01, 27 (sun) 19:00 ~
entrance: 1,500 yen

Tokyo, Japan

23˙C - 2013 - 1/ 3 - LC 11/ 22 - 11:11AM

MANGWON ARTHOLE SHOW, Seoul, Korea - Jan, 12th, 2013

EDIT ALL NONA Presents BLUES CONTROL (Drag City) + SAMIN SON in Seoul, Yogiga Expression Gallery