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Aquarius Records, Valencia ST, Mission, San Francisco, CA

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh

Photo by Vivy Hsieh
Modified by Samin Son


Friday, 26 April 2013

THE LAB, San Francisco, CA - White Fungus Magazine Issue 13 Release Event #2 - Thursday, May 9, 2013







Thursday, May 9, 2013

8pm - $7 (includes a copy of White Fungus # 13)

White Fungus is currently the magazine in residence at Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco. To celebrate the release of its 13th issue, White Fungus is bringing the artists Wang Fujui, Samin Son and Betty Apple to San Francisco for a night of sound, video and performance art. Also performng will be the Bay Area's Scott Arford and Mason Jones. Attendees of this event will receive a free copy of the new issue.

Wang Fujui is one of the pioneers of the Taiwanese noise and digital art scenes. After studying at San Francisco Art Institute in the 1990s, Fujui returned to Taiwan and founded noise, the island's first publication and label dedicated to the new music.Wang is Head of the Trans-Sonic Lab in Center for Art and Technology of Taipei National University of the Arts, specializing in sound and interactive art. He has curated the Digital Art Festival Taipei and TranSonic Sound Art Festival. Wang returns to San Francisco after giving recent performances in Tokyo, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Scott Arford is one of the leading figures of new media arts in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has produced numerous works for sound and video including multichannel installations, live performances, CD and DVD projects, and was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2005 Prix Ars Electronica. He has released numerous solo records, and collaborated with fellow sonic artists like Randy Yau (as Infrasound) and Francisco López, as well as having run 7Hz, the Bay Area's foremost venue for extreme and experimental music until 2002.

Samin Son is a Korean-born artist, currently based in Wellington. His practice traverses different mediums - painting, installation, sound and video - with performative strategies. At the Lab, Son will be performing the 13th installment of his  Tooth Paste Action series. This intense, at times confrontational, performance draws on Son's two years of compulsory Korean Military service in which he was placed in the riot squad. Previous performances have taken place in Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul and Auckland. Son recently performed at the opening of the new contemporary art gallery  Arts Te Papa at New Zealand's national museum.

Mason Jones is a musician, artist, and writer who has been active in the independent music world for over 20 years. After a string of albums under the name Trance, that name was retired and songs and albums have begun appearing under his own name. The music has a wide range, from noisy experimental guitar work to recent psychedelic pop forays. Mason also currently does the project Numinous Eye, a free-form noisy, psychedelic rock guitar-drum duo. While running the independent label Charnel Music, Mason released over 30 albums by artists including Crash Worship, Pain Teens, Vas Deferens Organization, Angel'in Heavy Syrup, Fushitsusha, Mainliner, and others. Mason's writing has included countless interviews and record reviews for magazines and web sites including File 13, You Could Do Worse, Industrial Nation, Browbeat, and Ptolemaic Terrascope.

Betty Apple is a composer, DJ, and sound and performance artist. Apple has made an impact in Taipei with visceral noise/performance art pieces using synthesizers, field recordings and amplified vibrators. In 2013, Apple was the artist in residence at Lacking Sound Festival. In addition to her own performances, she curated a series of events exploring notions of sound in relation to femininity. Apple is at the forefront of a new wave of Taiwanese artists who are beginning to fuse their work with political activism. The anti-nuclear movement has grown exponentially in Taiwan over the past few years, in particular, since the meltdown at Fukushima, and Apple is among those who have organized events and produced music to support it. In her first-ever performance outside of Taiwan, Apple will enact her provocative noise /performance art piece “Vibrator Love”.


Samin Son 2013


Dark Purple Green Wave Enter

Samin Son 2012

Samin Son (Seoul/Wellington) San Francisco Debut

Thursday May 9 2013
Samin Son San Francisco Debut
White Fungus Issue 13 Release
Toothpaste Action Series #13
The Lab, SF,CA

Samin Son is currently on an artist residency with White Fungus Magazine at Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco, CA

Photo: Lu Yi - Samin Son Performance in Tokyo, SOUP
Design: Carla Schollum

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Lab, Thursday, 9th May 2013

White Fungus Magazine Issue 13 Release Event #2

The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA



Curated by Yousuke Fuyama and Soup Collective

Samin Son Asia Tour
( December 2012 - February 2013 )
- Korea - Japan - Taiwan -

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Samin Son Interacting with Su-Chen Hung's work at Intersection for the Arts, SF, CA

Samin Son's participation/interaction with an Installation work by an artist, Su-Chen Hung

Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

April 2013

Kiss You, Honey,

Photos by Vivy Hsieh

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Samin Son TV curated by Jakki Galloway - Mediagallery - The New Zealand Film Archive

Still - Samin Son TV - Mediagallery Exhibition , NZ Film Archive - 18th April - 1st June 2013

Samin Son TV
Samin Son is an unlikely soldier. In 2007 when Son, then a Fine Arts student at Massey University in Wellington, was drafted into South Korea’s compulsory two year military service he expected his opportunity for artistic expression - and his individuality to be severely compromised.
It is ironic then that this video work Samin Son TV comes directly from this experience. In Samin Son TV the artist composes a narrative from footage of his recent performances, including Toothpaste Action Series and Hammer Piece, which is accompanied by sound recordings.
Michel Foucault in his discussion of power systems describes the military as being a form of institutionalized control over the individual. It is part of a contemporary political system masquerading as equalitarian in its defense of democracy, which in fact maintains hierarchies through order, discipline and surveillance. In the military one is forced to conform.
“In the army I trained for the riot police, had faeces thrown at me and entered real life riot situations. To toughen me up for the experience, my senior officers would beat me. I had to clean the bathroom floor everyday using toothpaste.” 
Samin Son seeks to challenge these power structures. In ritualizing army routines using elements of exercise and chanting he takes back control of his experience. He also challenges the military in his refusal to totally submit to them; while Son was supposed to be on cleaning duty he took the opportunity to paint himself on the surface of the mirror with toothpaste. These marks were like a form of tagging, a momentary reassertion of ipseity.
“These moments were my only opportunities, stolen as they were, to indulge in artistic expression. For a time, illicit toothpaste self-portraits were my only medium, often scrawled on a mirror.”
Further to its engagement with discussions of power relations and identity politics, Samin Son TV utilizes the device of flashback and memory that is inherent in film. His work attempts to recapture his military experience and in doing so take further ownership of it. This process also disseminates that experience to others, and perhaps in doing this lessens the burden of experience, and the dominion it has over him.
Jakki Galloway

Secret Thirteen Mix 061 – Yaporigami 28 Feb ’13

(00:00) – 01. Steven Porter – Untitled I [Weevil Neighbourhood, 2011]
(03:47) – 02. Yaporigami – Lascivious Collection [Hz-records, 2012]
(06:16) – 03. Hobo – Iron Triangle [M_nus, 2012]
(09:31) – 04. Yaporigami – NYR1 [New - not yet released]
(13:01) – 05. Sawf – Slim [Perc Trax, 2011]
(16:31) – 06. Cassegrain – Distil [Prologue, 2012]
(18:01) – 07. Yaporigami – NYR2 [New - not yet released]
(20:46) – 08. Xhin – Vent [Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2011]
(23:01) – 09. Scalameriya – Meeting Evil Puppets (Ducerey Ada Nexino Remix) [Genesa Records, 2009]
(25:31) – 10. Yaporigami – NYR3 [New - not yet released]
(28:01) – 11. Pfirter – Supraventricular [Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2010]
(31:46) – 12. Yaporigami – NYR4 [New - not yet released]
(33:46) – 13. Emptyset – Completely Gone [Caravan Recordings, 2009]
(35:31) – 14. Yaporigami – NYR5 [New - not yet released]
(37:31) – 15. Ancient Methods vs Kareem – Dammerung Der Parhelia (Ancient Methods Interpretation) [Fondation Sonore, 2012]
(40:01) – 16. Yaporigami – NYR6 [New - not yet released]
(42:16) – 17. Yaporigami – Ada Second [Hz-records, 2012]
(44:16) – 18. Jimmy Edgar – Warm Play Look Away [Semantica Records, 2009]
(46:31) – 19. Yaporigami – NYR7 [New - not yet released]
(49:01) – 20. Ducerey Ada Nexino – Diageomatik [Genesa Records, 2009]

“Secret Thirteen Mix 061” is a deliberately measured, powerful and live recorded audio selection that connects 20 locomotive tracks by such influential techno artists as Xhin, Emptyset, Ancient Methods, Cassegrain and others. The mix consists personal creations and even 7 of them are still unreleased and never published before. Solid sounding expression is an absolute guarantee to every music lover who seeks for exclusiveness, originality and high-quality.
The author of the mix is Yu Miyashita (b. 1984), publicly known as Yaporigami, a Japanese electronic music artist divide time between Brighton, United Kingdom and Yamanashi, Japan. Active since 2006, Miyashita has already released a bunch of outstanding records on Japanese labels such as +Mus, Hz-records. Miyashita has played at probably the most notable Tokyo underground places starting with Womb, Super Deluxe and finishing with Dommune and there is no doubt that he has gained a lot of experience and musical knowledge there. He creates a beat orientated music that focuses on using mutated micro-sampled sounds, various glitch modulations and various energetic rhythm patterns. While generating his collage compositions Miyashita also runs his own label called vvhy. It is important to mention that Miyashita is a mixing and mastering engineer at studio Underarrow. This fact reveals why his sound is so clear, rich and in excellent quality. Secret Thirteen journal strongly suggests to keep an ear on this growing techno/IDM music personality keen to bring our readers some proper production.
“Secret Thirteen Mix 061” is a dynamic and chivalrous mix that shows some profound techno gems at their best. The basis stand on the constantly rolling architectural rhythmics, artificial and wisely encoded melodic arrangement, thoughtfully programmed modulations. Each track is relevant, but at the same time subtly different by their texture, sophistication, complexity, stereo image, etc. In this mix every attentive listener can experience a mood related to lofts and underground clubs that have a wide, deep and lush sounding. Each Yaporigami’s touch to effect block, work with another technological sources that help to deconstruct and in someway remix played music, create a brilliant vitality. Accurate, stable and deliberate work with DJ mixer creates a smooth development of tracks that have enough space to expand and even subtly unfold in this complex wholeness. Skillfully produced and played records, innovative view to DJ-ing and efficient sound intention should enrich even diehard dance music critic’s library. It is also perfect for those who want to ‘break’ their legs while listening or to create an impressive party at their home or office.
“Secret Thirteen Mix 061” is like an extraordinary Joan Miró abstract art painting “The Song of the Vowels” where symbolic reductions of the flexible and unexamined forms create a thrilling fiction of existentialism. These controversial interpretations that vary among the agility, simplicity, joy, whimsical charm and nightmarish distortions undoubtedly mirror the versatility, intensity and profundity of Yaporigami’s mix. This recording somehow reflects author’s recent influences and a current constant stylistic mutation and renewal of techno scene.

Secret Thirteen Mix 061 – Yaporigami

Friday, 19 April 2013

Thursday 9th of May - The Lab / San Francisco / CA 94103

The Lab , San Francisco , CA


9th May 2013

White Fungus Issue 13 Launch

Toothpaste Action Series #13

S a m i n  S o n

W a n g  F u j u i

B e t t y  A p p l e

S c o t t  A r f o r d

M a s o n  J o n e s

Friday, 12 April 2013

Eva Radich Interviews Samin Son on Upbeat : Radio New Zealand | Concert FM - Friday 12th April 2013

Samin Son

from Upbeat on Friday 12 April 2013
Eva Radich Interviews Samin Son 
New Zealand based Korean artist presenting video works at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington.

Interview Duration: 27′51″

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Samin Son Performance :: Art Beat - Nga Toi | Arts Te Papa - Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Ritual of a South Korean Soldier
Samin Son

Art Beat - Nga Toi | Arts Te Papa - Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Photo by Carla Schollum

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Friday, 5 April 2013

SAMIN SON TV | Samin Son Solo Exhibition at Film Archive New Zealand : April 18 - June 1 - 2013

Samin Son at Film Archive New Zealand(Wellington)

Mediagallery Exhibition

When: Thursday, 18 April 2013
Season: Until 1 June
Where: The Film Archive, Wellington
Time: 9:00am
Ticket price: Free admission

Samin Son is a Korean-born artist, currently based in Wellington. His practice traverses different mediums - painting, installation, sound and video - with performative strategies. In Samin Son TV he reinterprets his past performance pieces as an experimental audiovisual work. The work is formed by his experience of compulsory military service in the Korean Army. He draws upon the endurance and meticulously directed aggression demanded by army life, as well as his struggles with identity and race politics in his second home.
In the army Son had to suppress his non-conformist personality in favour of rules and rigidity. This resulted in an overenthusiasm for the mundane - a pushing of the limits of conformity to their threshold.

In Samin Son TV Son revisits and reflects on his ongoing Toothpaste Action Series, which he has performed internationally. Toothpaste Action Series takes a subversive look at the daily routine and rituals required over his two years of service for South Korea.
“In the army I trained for the riot police, had faeces thrown at me and entered real life riot situations. To toughen me up for the experience, my senior officers would beat me. I had to clean the bathroom floor everyday using toothpaste,” says Son.

“These moments were my only opportunities, stolen as they were, to indulge in artistic expression. For a time, illicit toothpaste self-portraits were my only medium, often scrawled on a mirror. Toothpaste Action creates a live action, taking an artistic and subversive license to the army conventions. I say ‘once a soldier always a soldier,’ and when the time comes to do the performance I am ready to report to duty.”

For Samin Son TV he has composed a narrative from recordings of his performances, including Toothpaste Action Series and Hammer Piece (in which the artist hammers through a plank of wood), and paired this with experimental film and sound strategies. Approaching the work as a video artist, Son teases out the themes that have been expanding and unfolding across his performances in a collective manner.

Looking back at recordings of himself, Son is particularly interested in the idea of the “flashback.” “I invite the audience to engage in having flashbacks of my performances, to reflect my original experience from the conscription and the process this gave birth to,” he says.

Son has exhibited his work and travelled his performance pieces widely throughout New Zealand and internationally - in Germany, the US, Taiwan, Seoul and Tokyo.

There is no official opening function for this exhibition as Son will be jetting to San Francisco for a month-long residency with the Kadist Art Foundation, which he is undertaking as part of the White Fungus collective.

Instead a performance piece and soirée with the artist will be held at the Film Archive on Thursday 23 May, at 5.30pm.

The exhibition will run from 18 April until 1 June 2013.

Samin Son TV is curated by Jakki Galloway.